Scripture reveals to us how disciples are shaped and grown through the work of the Holy Spirit, by spending time in God’s Word and by being a part of community with God’s people. When looking at this big part of who we are called to be, we had to ask ourselves; ‘How well are we set up to grow disciples?’ And we felt that there is a missing piece in how we gather.

This is why we are doing Discipleship Communities.

A place where we can fully be known and know others
Where we can grow and develop ourselves as disciples, and to build each other up on the journey.
And, to head into the places God has called us into together as we represent Jesus to those around us.

Discipleship Communities are not a Sunday service, but rather they are more informal mid-size gatherings that meet every other week on a
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening.

During those gatherings we take time to connect with one another, to pray for one another,
and get into conversation around the discipleship tools we believe will equip and empower us.